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DeafCAN! Page


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2013 Annual Report


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PURPOSE: DeafCAN! is a new social service outreach program established in September 2010 to help an increasing number of Deaf and hard of hearing people coming to or contacting Christ the King Deaf Church for assistance.


SUPPORT: This project was selected by Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries to receive a three-year seed grant to help with establishing outreach support. Additional resources are being sought.



  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced ASL classes

  • Coordination of the Deaf Women Connection

  • Prisoner advocacy and visitation

  • Information and Referral

  • Literacy classes for Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled Deaf adults



ASL INSTRUCTORS: Kathie Gray-Plotkin, Beth Lockard, Connie Wallace, and Gloria Weiler



Our staff and volunteers participated in training related to child sexual abuse of Deaf/hard of hearing children with the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance and, with Lutheran Services in America, a training on how to create more inclusive faith communities.



Videophone and voice numbers are

484-319-4256 & 866-817-9023 (toll-free)


DEAFCAN! COMMITTEE: Our Church Council has established a “DeafCAN!” Committee to advise them on the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing people, best service possibilities, finding resources, and keeping Deaf/HOH people in the forefront of all decisions and planning.. Four of the seven Committee members are Deaf and hard of hearing. The following are members of that Committee:

  • Carol Stevens

  • Kathie Gray-Plotkin

  • Newby Ely

  • Rev. Beth Lockard, M.Ed.

  • William Lockard, M.A.

  • Dr. Ginny Sutton

  • Connie Wallace


CORE VALUES: Being Deaf or hard of hearing is not a “disability” if a person does not think it is. In fact, being Deaf or hard of hearing provides valuable and essential experience and knowledge for any organization providing services to this population. Therefore, D/HOH people must be included in all decision-making processes regarding the organization and its services. We wish to showcase D/HOH people as our role models and make use of their abilities to improve the quality of life of the community. Working together, we believe we can do this.



  • Regular Deaf Adult literacy class

  • Deaf-blind support group

  • Parent/child support group

  • Baby Sign class

  • Case Management


2012 PLANS:

Continue serving D/HOH Delaware County individuals with mental health challenges and begin a contract with Chester County Human Services to provide cross Department case management. Continue to support the organizing efforts of deaf blind individuals and families in the region. Work to bring specialized services and supports to all those D/HOH people in need but remaining outside of most funding and service systems.


COLLABORATION: Because we are such a new program and many critical services require significant amount of time and resources to develop, we are looking to collaborate with other mission-similar organizations to make those services a reality.


HISTORY: Christ the King Deaf Church was the starting point and meeting place for the following organizations:

  • Center on Hearing and Deafness (CHAD)

  • Chester County Association of the Deaf (CCAD)

  • Chester County SHHH chapter (now called Hearing Loss Association)

  • Deaf Women Connection

  • West Chester Deaf Seniors



Please contact us for more information or if you think you might be able to help. Donations are gratefully accepted and tax deductible. Thank you!!




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